Published September 3, 2013 by hrhdana

It’s Tuesday.
I just dropped the munchkin off at my Mom’s.
I’m waiting for the bus.
She’s changed me so much.

As I wait a sanitation truck passes and I want to scream, “Garbage truck! Thank you for getting the garbage!!” Because that’s what we do.

A train comes in to the station and I want to yell, “THAT’S A NOISY TRAIN!” Because that’s what we do.

I watch other Moms with their littles and my arms ache to hold mine. Even though I spent most of yesterday and all of last night begging mine to, “please stop touching me for FIVE minutes…please!”

I don’t see or experience anything without thinking of her. It’s amazing and wonderful and…terrifying.

Happy Tuesday folks.

And see now I want to say, “Tuesday see the teacher at the library day. Yaaay!” Because that’s what we do.

2 comments on “Tuesday

  • i love how your day is filtered through the eyes of ‘we’… i know she’ll never forget that.
    in some not so distant future when she’s too cool to hold your hand while her friends are nearby, when she’s grown enough to know how to put on mascara properly and to flirt on the sly…she’ll see a truck pass by and her first instinct will be to shout out ”Garbage truck! Thank you for getting the garbage!!”
    but she’ll catch herself…and the smile that spreads across her face will be the hug that she feels whenever she filters her day as part of your ‘we’.

    thats good shit, lady.

    • This made me smile so big. I hope you are right Cakes. I worry about losing me due to being so immersed in being her Mama but there is honestly nothing I would rather do than spend time with her and on her. sighs I guess we all worry about doing it “right”


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