Published August 13, 2014 by hrhdana

I feel impotent

wish desperately that a little blue pill could fix it.

Open season on civil rights

tear gassed protesters night after night.

A Black boy dies

a community cries

while a great majority avert their eyes.

What can I do?

How can I help?

Lending my voice

screaming in to the void.



Sons, fathers, mothers, daughters too.

I feel impotent.

Rage unspent.

I speak their names

Mike Brown the latest

not the last.

And I shudder as my friends and family wonder aloud

when one of ours will join this sad crowd.

Black, unarmed, murdered.

I feel impotent.

No blue pill for this on the market yet.

Police department mobilized

into a military operation in front of our eyes.

Where is the outrage?

Where is the outcry?

How often are we supposed to turn the other cheek?

Wait for the justice we never get but always seek?

I can’t sleep.


I watch my man sleep peacefully

pray continually 

for his safety.

This fear is real and deep.


Tear gas shot in to a protester’s fenced yard

as police demand that they disband

from their own property, their own land.

This is America????

The nation founded on freedom of speech

except when it applies to we!


Waiting for the tanks to roll in to White Town U.S.A.

Then the silent will have something to say.

My rose colored glasses broken on the floor.

My very soul can’t take much more.



5 comments on “Impotent

      • Me too. :/ There is so much wrong, so little right. Ethnic cleansing in Gaza, in the US, Iraq… Deforestation, acidification of our mother ocean… Inherent racism, sexism… White feminism’s disregard of every ‘other’… Anti-feminism spewing hate toward all women…. It goes on and on… The blatant murder of all other earthlings in the name of ‘progress’ ‘profit’… My head hurts and there is so little that any one person can do :/

  • I found your blog yesterday and thought it to be incredibly powerful.I just wanted to ask if you would mind if i shared the link on my facebook page?

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