Published August 6, 2015 by hrhdana

Today when I came in to work there were cookies.

Beautiful, light, airy cookies.

I decided I would eat them all day long.

I grabbed a handful of these generous sized cookies.

I hid them in a paper towel on my desk.

I smiled.

I haven’t done that often.

Hasn’t been much sweet or right in my life lately.

I smiled.

I finished my first handful by noon.


I went and got more.

I giggled.

Glad that the office was almost empty today.

I ate cookies all day long.

Literally all day long.

Saving the last bite for 10 to five


as soon as I finish typing this

the cookies will be all gone.

I ate almost every single cookie on that dish.

They were meant to be shared with the office.

I give no fucks.

I’m so close to the fucking edge lately.


cookies saved me.

Don’t judge me.

Nah, go ahead.

I don’t care.

I have that one bite left.


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