REBLOG From the Kinfolk Kollective – Sandra Bullock, black women have been fearing for our sons for centuries!

Published October 14, 2015 by hrhdana

I read this post today. I immediately commented and shared it on Facebook. I shared it on my page. I shared it in groups. I liked and commented on mutual friends’ posts when they shared it.

Read here…
Source: Sandra Bullock, black women have been fearing for our sons for centuries!

As this spread to integrated spaces the tears for Sandra Bullock made me angry. How could you read this and come away feeling sorry for Sandra? How sway?

“Why is this writer picking on Sandra?”

“Sandra cares. She’s an ally. She doesn’t deserve this?”

Why are we minimizing Sandra’s experience as the mother of a Black child?”

Are ya’ll kidding me?
You have GOT to be kidding me. How can you READ this and worry about Sandra? No one is minimizing Sandra’s love of her Black child. No one is minimizing Sandra at all. What IS happening here is the centering of Blackness. What IS happening here is truth telling. Adopting a Black child does not make you Black. It doesn’t. Waking up to the realities of injustice because you personally love a little person who is impacted by those realities is not the same as growing up in the skin I’m in.

Furthermore if Sandra is the ally you think she is, she already knows this.

Sometimes, when something makes you uncomfortable you don’t have to speak in your discomfort. Sometimes you can sit in that discomfort and examine it. Sometimes you might even grow from it.

Talk to me.

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