Allow me to introduce myself…

Hello there.

Thanks for visiting my corner of the cyber-world.

My name is Dana. I was born and raised in the Bronx, New York by my two awesome parents. I grew up in their marriage, nurtured by their love and their hopes and dreams for me. I am grateful every single day for their parenting.

Now I am a grown up (so they tell me) with a child of my own. I still don’t know how  that happened. Well, I know how but…well I think you know what I mean. lol

I’m a mother. I’m a daughter. I’m an optimist. I’m an empath. I’m a writer. I’m a Black woman. I’m a womanist. I’m a dreamer. I’m an activist. I’m a griot.

I’m a pretty open book. If there is anything you want to know just ask me.

Thanks again for stopping by.

Talk to me.

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